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Slamming Goes: Xiaomi 12 Series Sets A New Sales Record. Xiaomi’s new smartphone series is breaking sales records. The Xiaomi Mi 11 series, which held the company’s previous record, lost its throne to the company’s latest apple, the Xiaomi 12 series. Astonishing numbers of revenue were generated in just 5 minutes. How Much House Can I Afford
Technology followers have been waiting for Xiaomi to introduce its new smartphone series for a while. The Xiaomi 12 series, which came to the fore with predictions about its features and prices, was finally officially introduced four days ago.

A few hours after the introduction of the series, pre-sales began. However, today, with the official launch of the phones, the great interest in the Xiaomi 12 series has been revealed more clearly. $283 million in sales in 5 minutes:

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Announcing sales data a few hours ago, Xiaomi announced that they had set a new record. According to the shared data, 283 million dollars of revenue was obtained from all sales points in just 5 minutes. The previous series of the company that held the record was the Xiaomi Mi 11. Similarly, the smartphone series, which remained on the agenda for a long time, had a revenue of 236 million dollars 5 minutes after it was put on sale.

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The first comments about the series began to come from users. The general opinion of users about the Xiaomi 12 series is that the phones look extremely stylish and are high-tech. In terms of performance, we can say that Xiaomi’s new series has done a good job. For this reason, it can be considered normal that it is met with such great interest by users. In addition, Xiaomi introduced its new Android-based interface MIUI 13 three days ago. The Chinese company thus managed to attract its users twice in one week.

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Famous Rapper Eminem Made His First NFT Investment Of Thousands Of Dollars. A new one has been added to the list of celebrities who have invested in NFT. Famous rapper Eminem received his first NFT worth thousands of dollars.
NFTs, which are getting more and more popular every day, mean the certification of data such as photos, videos, tweets stored with blockchain technology as digital assets. In the global world we live in, it is thought to democratize art and the digital universe.

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In a content we published recently, we mentioned that the contrary has been proven with new research on the subject. We can describe NFTs, which have emerged in recent years and have not fallen off the agenda, especially in recent months, as a current indicator of inequality, let alone democratizing the world. Many people in the world are now directing their investments to digital assets. Many people, from Acun Ilıcalı to Cem Yılmaz, continue to work in this field in our country. A few months ago, comedian Cem Yılmaz signed his digital drawings with Blockchain technology and offered them for sale as NFT. Famous television personality Acun Ilıcalı introduced the NFT platform Eneftio, which they designed using the Polygon infrastructure.


Today, we witness the presence of NFTs not only in investments but also in gifts. The biggest examples of giving NFTs as gifts in our country are President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s gift of space-themed NFTs to Elon Musk; It may be that the AK Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman gifted President Erdogan with the NFT called “Istanbul’s Digital Key”.

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Another person who turned his investments into irreplaceable digital assets, namely NFTs, was American Rapper Eminem. Famous Rapper Eminem bought NFT #9055 for $450,000 (123.45 Ethereum) from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. It is worth remembering that NFTs, the world of virtual assets that are developing and changing day by day, will become more popular day by day. If you still do not have a clear equivalent of NFTs in your mind, you can read our related content.

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